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Real Jobs

In Springfield we have all seen and felt the pain of watching company after company pick up and move their plants to more viable environments.  Having had family members experience this, I know the pain.

The reason these businesses are leaving is because they are over-taxed or over-regulated.

So, rather than reduce the regulations and taxes for everyone, politicians like to “create jobs” by over-taxing most businesses so that they can give money or special tax benefits to other politically-favorable businesses. This form of crony capitalism doesn’t work, and failed projects like Solyndra, and Mamtek in Moberly, Missouri are examples of why politicians make for horrible investors. The reason is because they are investing with other people’s money. If the politician would cut taxes for everyone then market forces would put those tax cuts to the most productive use possible. No one can predict the market better than THE MARKET. So why do politicians participate in this fruitless venture? Because it is self-serving.

Over taxing small businesses so that you can give special favors to politically connected businesses just doesn’t work. In the end, nobody wins

One of my favorite movies is Field of Dreams. Do you remember the line, “If you build it, they will come”? That is my philosophy about government’s role in creating jobs. Companies will move to and grow in environments that have a strong infrastructure and pro-business legislation.

There are some tax credits that are generic and they work because they are widely available. Such as the Missouri Quality Jobs Act. The reason that Missouri Quality Jobs Act works better than other more designer tax-credits is because it is available to most businesses in Missouri, not just the politically connected. I applaud the impact of these efforts and how they have helped to add quality jobs to the area, and have created a competitive environment for talented workers. This is a win-win-win for the state, employees, and employers.

Springfield and Southwest Missouri have a reputation for having hard working & well-educated individuals. Businesses are aware of this reputation. I will do everything I can to draw upon that reputation to bring more companies to Springfield because quality jobs are crucial to the health of the community and its families.